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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  September 16, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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morning. >> a lot of police cars, security cars running around real frantic. kind of really chaotic. nobody knowing what's going on with the situation. and then eventually they were blocking the doors telling people they couldn't get in or out. >> reporter: warren davis was discussing his mother's medical condition with the doctor when he became upset. a hospital worker told news4, he blame the doctor for his mother's paralysis. >> during the course of the conversation with the doctor, mr. davis removed a small semiautomatic handgun from his waist area, waist band area. and fired a single gunshot. >> reporter: the doctor was hit in the lower chest and he fell to the grnd. davis darted into his mother's room on the eighth floor of the nelson building. that's where witness accnts end. at the same time, johns hopkins bean messaging hospital staff to lo themselves down. >> i was in my work area.
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may boss came in and he told me stay put. there is a guy running around with a gun. >> reporter: a stream of s.w.a.t. officers emerging at 1:30 was the first indication of a resolution. officers determined david had sho his motr and himself in the head. >> inside the room we were able to see that mr. davis was down on the floor suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. >> reporter: we're told that no baltimore city police officers or officersrom other agencies ever fired their weapon during this incent today. the doctor who was shot in the per chest, or lower chest, rather, we were told was in surgery this afternoon. he is expected to survive. the wounds he sustained hear today we also asked the authorities whether there were any metal detectors at the entrances to the hospita. we're told there were 80 entrances to the facility and none have the metal detector in place.
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>> thank you. and our team coverage continues in arlington, virginia, where neighbors of the gunman and his mother spoke with jackie who join us on the phone. what are you hearing? >> reporter: not exactly the type of thing you would expect to encounter in a situation like this. when the neighbors learned of the name of the suspect and the victim in this shooting, they basically reacted by bursting into tears. they knew mr. davis and his mother who was in her 90s. he was well known in this neighborhood for the exquisite pair they say that he took of his mother who has apparently something very alzheimer's-like. she would wander off. and everyone in the neighborhood respected him very, vy much for the care that he took of his mother. so they are very shocked by this. horrified. th certainly say they don't believe there is anything that would condone doing this.
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as one neighbor told me, this is the la man in the world i would ever expt to do this. when we get more information, we have interviews with neighbors and things like, that i will bring those to you as soon as possible. >> all right. thank you. tonight we're getting a firsthand account of the terrifying stand-off at the discovery headquarters in silver spring earlier this month. two of the hostage told oprah winfrey about their ordeal. jim mcnulty said he walked into the lobby and was confronted by a man that appeared to have a gun. a short time later, chris wood returned from lunch and saw mcnulty lying on the floor. a third hostage, a security guard, was behind the desk. the men were told to lie on the floor. four hours later when it was time to escape, woods sai he looked at the guard and mouthed the word, run. the guard shook his head yes. >> that instant where we counted down and jimooked me and i look at the gunman.
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i just turned and ran. the fastest i had ever run. >> as both men made a run for it, the officer shot the suspect james lee dead. police say he was armed with starter pistols and home made pipe bom. mcnulty said he could hear the suspect putting the bomb device together. an suvcrashes into an ambulance, killing three pple in prince george's county. that crash happened on marlboro pike in district heights. derrick ward is live with what led up to this deadly collision. we're in a stretch of marlboro pike fast becoming notorious for speed and tragedy. about a mail or two down the roerkd there was a fatal hit and run. a child was struck by a car. the death toll has risen to three after an accident with an ambulance and an suv. it happened about midnight wedneay. the amlance had just left the fire house in district heights on a call for an overdose.
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they were westbound. the authorities stay other vehicle an suv, was eastbound but in the westbound lane. the dash cam video now evidence in the investigation, captured it seconds before ill pack. >> as it gets into the there, it slowed down. the driver can see in the distance, you can see this on the dash cam, a set of headlights that appears to be in his direct path of travel. so there is the suv traveling eastbound in the westbound lanes, coming head on. >> the fire department spoke person adds that the video showed the ambulance tried to avoid e suv but the apparent high speed of the oncoming vehicle turned yards into seconds. >> in the blink of aneye, that suv is on top of our ambulance. and the drive at the last minute takes an evasive action, swerving to the left. >> the suv struck the side of e ambulance and then hit a utility pole and a retaining wall. it flipped over and landed on its roof. 120 feet from the point of
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impact. the driver has been entified as 30-year-old emanuel jones of district heights. >> he was always very friendly. i didn't know him any more than to speak to him. to speak in psing. he would be outside a lot with his little girl. >> he had a little daughter. i believe she was 4 years old. he was a good neighbor. also killed, 22-year-old andre watlie, jones' nephew and tony at the district. people say it can be treacherous and there have been calls to the cnty to try to make it less so. >> i'm sorry. but people had to lose their life. maybe something like this will show the county what we are dealing with. >> reporter: at the time of this know, the ambulance did have its siren and emergency lights on. the investigation is continuing. no word at this point in this investigation as to whether alcohol and speed were factors.
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lye in district heights. back to you. >> right now, a 19-year-old is in jail. in question, the recent robberies in college park. police say, police are loing for two other suspects. police released the video of a suspect wanted for a july 27th robbery. the d.c. mayor adrian fenty overwhelmingly defeated is promming to give vincent gray everything he kneads to take over the mayor's office me january. the two stood side by side at a unity breakfast after spending the last 5 months slamming one another on the campaign trail. tom sherwood is here now with thestory. >> repoer: you know it's one of the thing you do when you lose. you have to show up to congratulate the winner.
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vincent gray walked in cheered by the party establishment that always has embraced him. a short time later, in came adrian fenty, the defeated mayor who as mayor routinely snubbed the party regulars. but fenty was doing his duty. acknowledging gray's triumph in tuesday's election. one of the oldest rituals in american politics, gracefully losing and preparing for the trafer of power. >> vincent gray,just know this. for the next 105 days, we do everything possible to make sure that both the transition and the government in the district of columbia suffers nothing for transition. they will give you everything you need to be -- >> reporter: may o'fenty lost badly in tuesday's primary in this heavily democratic city. >> i want to pay tribute to mayor adrian fenty. the mayor and i talked
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yestday. and he said to me yesterday exactly what he said to you. >> reporter: gray who ran in part because fenty routinely snubbed him and the other 12 councilmembersid find some words of praise this day. >> i look forward to being able to work with you in the week and months after january 2. because i know your commitment and i ow how you can help me be the best mayor possible. >> reporter: now gray himself was back at work today at the d.c. council. he'll be the chairman for the nextthree months. >> thank you, tom. it's been a while but right now we've got some cloudy skies and warmer temperature, too. this live look outside. >> we have a little spittin rain out there. let's check with doug kammerer. >> we have seen some rain. even a couple rumbles of thunder. ight now cloudy skies. take a look outside. we'll tell you what is happening. you can see men of cloud cover.
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and yes, we have seen a couple of rain showers out there as well. and even a thunderstorm or two. here's live digital doppler radar showing a few more showers. especially down around the dale city area, the washington,.c. area. most of those on the light side. the heaviest across the chesapeake making its way into the northern portions of delaware. making its way through t region. as we zoom in here, we'll show you where that rain is. once again, not a whole lot toward rockville, toward damascus and mount airy, frederick seeing someight rain. you'll see some of that as well. we'll continue to watch for some light showers as we mve through the rest of the evening hours. temperature go down during the day and then guess what, a return for the weekend. youl see it coming up in my full forecast. >> thank you, doug. the drive to work could get a little more costly. >> whyommuters may be forced to pay up to a dollar per mile to drive on a strep of i-95.
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also ahead, a story you'll only see on news4. a local firefighters feeling the heat after a strip-down at a retirement party. do you recoize this guy? police say he trade to rob a woman stuck in traffic. some are wondering if this crime is connected to another high profile crime in the same area.
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a murder suicide investigation is underway at johns hopkins university in baltimore. police stay suspect warren davis was distraught after hearing abo his mother's condition at the hospital. that he shot the doctor who was giving him the news.
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s.w.a.t. team later found davis and his mother dead in the hospital room. the doctor who was shot is expected to survive. three people are dead after the suv collided with an ambulance. investigator tell us the suv was headedhe wrong way down marlboro pike in district heights. when it sideswip the ambulance. two ambulance workers were taken to the hospital, but are expected to be okay. and for the first time since tuesday's primary, the d.c. council chair vincent gray and mayor fenty appeared tother. they joined together at a unity breakfast in northeast. the supporters stay two will work together to generate positive change for the city. and we have some cloudy skies o there. a little rumble of thunder. and greek pastrie >> we need two thing. we nd rain and anchors always need food. that's why i brought this. this is for the 50th anniversary
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of the green festival known as st. connie's. it starts tomorrow. it goes right through the weekend. and i have to tell you, the food looks great the weekend will be very -- here you go. and i am a little sick but this has been covered the entire day. so it is all yours. ll yours. >>dig in. >> save m that peaceful let's take a look at what's happening. we do have some cloudy skies and we will see the clouds and rain. temperature have reached 90 degrees across much of the area during the day today. they have since fallen after that rain has moved through. 81 degrees, the current temperature. the winds out of the west northwest at 13 miles per hour. here it is, a live digital hour. the heaviest rain across the chesapeake bay. we did see some get storms across baltimore t for the rest of us, toward dale city and culpeper and then out 66 and route 7 as you make your way out
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leesburg. again, not a whole lot of rain. that's the good news. we will continue to watch out for just a few scattered showers. lookwhat happens to the temperature behind this. 61 right now in hagerstown. 63 in martinsburg. 72 in sterling. ahead of it, still warm. lenardtown at 90 degrees. the temperature will continue to cool down behind this frontal boundary. highs into the 80 and it gets very wa. a lot of festivals going on. we now have hurricane karl. it should make its way on land into parts of mexico, bringing very heavy rain. then we have igor and julia. we had with a category 4. it has really decrease in the iensity. here's the big one. a very srong storm.
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winds of 125 miles an hour. a category 3 now is actually expected to move back to a category 4 and then come very close to bermuda. the inland u.s. not going to see any of those storms. mostly cloudy. a chance of a shower or a thunderstorm this evening. you may want toake the umbrella out from time to time. you're not going t need it too often. tomorrow morning, mostly. a lingering shower or two. 60 to 67 degrees as we move through the day. i think we'll see more sunshine in the afternoon. 80 to 85. it will be warm and breezy. then the four-day forecast showing a high of 82. 84 -- 82 on saturday. 84 on sunday. some great weather. >> where's the greek food? >> that forecast is almost as delicious as that baklava. >> do i need to get you some wet naps? >> yes, you do. a ole bucket of water. i'm sticky. >> thank you, doug. just when youhought you
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were being vigilant against falling for a scam, you discover a mystery charge on your bill. >> they're popping up on phone bills, credit cards, bank sttements. liz crenshaw will tell us how this happen and h we can stop it. >> it is called bill cramming. recently we've received an influx of e-mail complaints from viewer wanting to know why they're seeing these false charges. people are being charged and get nothing in return. and it is happening every day. >> 1995. you tend not to notice it. >> reporter: it adds up quick. he said he discovered at left a six months worth of 19.95 on his bank statement. he linked the mystery charges to a popular website where he said po-up ads surfaced. >> you're trying to click off the darn thing. by virtue of clicking off, you're agreeing to something. >> reporter: he did not know he joined some type of subscription or membership. the charges are known as bill cramming. small, uuthorized charges that appear on his statement once a month.
5:20 pm
and it's more common than consumers think. >> talk to you later. bye-bye. >> reporter: bruce operates his own business out of his home. he noticed an unexplained $35.12 on his phone bill. >> i opened it up. i start making the phone calls. i said we're not paying this. they claim i signed up for some type of web service. >> reporter: when you reached this company, it said somebody in your company signed up for this. >> yes. >> reporter: could sebody in your company have signed up for this? >> not in my company. the company, it is me. that's it. >> reporter: running a one-man show, how this d this unauthorized charge end up on his phone bill? >> in some cases, dishonest merchants will go to either a phone company or a credit card company and say, so and so has authorized this charge even though they didn't. they had nothing t do with it. >> reporter: the federal trade commission investigates such cases. bill cramming is big illegal business and apparently, easy to
5:21 pm
do. authorities say this one ran a cramming scheme fro jail. the 46-year-old was recently convicted of bilking consumers out of $35 million. >> how come you cannot stop ts? why can't the fcc stop these guys? >> given our resources, we can't take an action against every company doing this out there. >> reporr: so how can you make sure you are not a victim of cramming? it's simple. check your credit card and phone bills and your bank statements carefully. if you notice a false charge or a pattern of false charges, call the company and demand a refund. and even if you get your money back, contact the ftc and state aorneys general so they can investigate. it is a criminal that just about any consumer can fall for. >> so here we thought we were ammed too. >> reporter: so he was told he would be refunded the six months worth of unauthorized charges.
5:22 pm
kirchner caut the first charge and didn't pay it. bottom line, you have to check every bill and statement and complain if there is something on there that youdid not authorize. it is happening all the time. don't expect it won't happen to you. >> thank you, liz. still ahead, it looks like a lady. take a look at the criminal who was able to fly under the radar during a robbery. a horrifying home invasion. new 911 call sparked qutions about wther this family tragedy could have been prevented. some kids get cash for getting good grades. researchers say using money as a motivator doesn't work.
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the fbi is investigating a police beating in dallas, texas last week. officers chase ad man who refused to pull over for a traffic violation. when the chase came to a crashing halt, they began to beat the man with the batons as
5:26 pm
you can see in the lower left. the victim had visible bruises on his thigh and blood clotting. policefficial found out about the incident from an anonymous tip. since then, one officer has been fired and resisting arrest charges against drivers were dropped. more officers could face felony charges. the metro board safety committee vot unanimously today in favor o a program aimed at preventing suicides on the tracks. the $250,000 program with train bus drivers, train operators and station managers to detect and potentially prevent suicide attempts. this is based on a similar program in canada. at least 15 peop have killed themselves on metro property since the start of last year. the most recent was last month. > still ahead on news4 at 5:00, you may have to pay to drive on i-95. >> this is chris gordon. with the d.c. firefighter caught out of uniform preparing food
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for a retirement party. targeting tour guides. the new regular tligs make sure
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we are continuing to learn more out the arlington, virginia man suspected of shooting a doctor at johns hopkins hospital up in baltimore. he was apparently distraught about his mother's medical condition. >> she joins us live from arlington with more on this. >> reporter: one neighbor burst to tears when she heard t news. the people said they had heard about the shooting at johns hopkins hospital but had no idea of the suspect was their neighbor. theccupant of this little green cottage. someeople knew h by the name warren davis, was known to neighbors as the man who took and quis it care of his mother. she is believed to have been in her 90s, possibly suffering from alzheimer's.
5:31 pm
>> he used to take care of his mother. come home every day, takeer to the doctor, wherever, every day. he took her to the nursing thing or whatever. i can't believe he shot her. he seem like a good son. he was always there. he made sure she was okay as far as i knew. >> report: neighbors say he was always ready with a smile and a wave as he went to his job. we understand he was employed as a metro access driver in the service metro provides for disabled passengers. he worked for a contract for metro access. back to you. >> all right. thanks. > . a naked d.c. firefighter caught on camera preparing food inside a fire house. >> the photo was supplied by someone who said complaints have been made by female firefighters and paramedic who were there at the time.
5:32 pm
>> reporter: this engine served the columbia heights neighborhood. the d.c. fire and ems neighborhood said there was a retirl celebration attended by offduty firefighters here in july. that allegations about the party are under investigation. and some are unsubstantiated. a source obtained this picture and gave it to news4 telling us that it is a naked firefighter at the stove, and that as many as three firefighters may have prepared and served food at the party naked. the source alleges that there were female emergency medical personnel present. and that no disciplinary action has been taken. the d.c. fire and ems department says it is looking into the allegations. >> this event occurred in late july. then in early august the complaint was filed. since then our internal affairs office has been conducting an investigation. that is ongoing, open
5:33 pm
investigation. >> reporter: heruns a website called public safety it is a watch dog organizatn that advocates for concerns of public safety workers. he says he is receivi complaints from firefighters who have been termined, demoted or disciplined or offense that's they considered less serious than public nankedness in a fir house. >> when i saw the pictures, it was appalling to me. it wasn't unusual that certain individuals would get away with thing such as this. in my case i was terminated from the department for awol charge. when i saw this and i saw this individual that was standing at a stove, you know, but make the in the fire house, it was kind of a shocker to me. >> reporter: the d.c. fire department said its zero tolerance policy could apply to a case of nakedness in a fire house in mixed company. >> these allegations that you share with are a behavior that is unacceptable. and i know that the leadership will not condone that type of
5:34 pm
activity. and of course, appropriate disciplinary action would be expected in the event that inappropriate behavior does take place. >> reporter: in the distric chris gordon, news4. chilling bank surveillance video. 911 tapes have been release in the question, a dead home invasion. they got a lot of tang a couple years ago in connecticut. the evidence was played at the trial of the two men accused of torturing four member of a family, killing three of them. the rveillance video shows one of the victim. jennifer pettitte with draug $15,000 fro a local bank in 2008. she ld the bank teller her entire family was being held hostage at their new haven home and she needed the cash for ransom. the manager call 911. >> we have a lady who is in our bank right now who says that her husband and children are being held at their house. if the police are told, they will kill the children and the
5:35 pm
husband. she says they are being very nice. they have their faces covered. she is petrified. >> by the time police arrived about, an hour later, jennifer pettit and her two young daughters were dead. their house was set on fire. her husband, a doctor, william pettitte, was beaten but survived. steven hayes and joshua are charged in the case. at their trial yesterday, questions centered on whether police could have done more to save the family. fairfax county police are looking for a man who tried to rob a woman as she sat in her car at a traffic light. some are wondering if it is connected to a high profile murder in the same area. vanessa pham was found stabbed to death in h vehicle last month. the vehicle was in a ditch off gallows road. it happened not far away. pat collins isn virginia with more on this. >> reporter: it is a bizarre attempted robbery on lee
5:36 pm
highway. is it somehow linked to the murder of vanessa pham? no, say pice. but -- woman robbed while sitting in traffic. ordinarily cops say they wouldn't talk about an attempted crime like this. but because it happen close by the vanessa pham murder scene, they're talking. and showing sketces of the suspect just in case. >> now this goes back to september 8th, 4:30 in the afternoon. lee highwa aoman stopped at a red light. a man two cars back gets out of is car. walks up to the woman. pretends he has a weapon. demands money. the light turns green. other cars start to honk. the woman takes off. the man, he walks back to his car. empty-handed. what kind of guy would do a
5:37 pm
bbery like that? >> a pretty stupid guy, i would think. >> a dummy. >> desperate. >> he got what he deserved. noing. >> reporter: again, this is the sketch of the suspect in that almost robbery. and again, it happened about a mile from where vanessa pham was killed back in june. found stabbed to death inside her car that had crash in a ditch off arlington boulevard. vanessa was just 19 years old. and police have worked hard to find a motive and suspect in the case. so far, nothing. so what about that almost robbery? >> athis time, there is nothing to indicate that it is related to the vanessa pham murder. it is in the same vin so we want to get his face out the. if we can identify and arrest him, we can further investigate to see if it is connected.
5:38 pm
>> reporter: needless to say anything bad that happens in this your, police are checking and double-checking to see if it is somehow connected to the case of vanessa pham. back to you. >> pat collins, thank you. when we come right back, pretty in pink but she is not innocent. how this shopper managed to make off with a whole lot of money. >> battling bed bugs. ♪ [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment.
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a man holds up a convenien store wearing a pink skirt and el. some pest control company are turning to man's best friend to help people sleep and monkeys are being used in thailand. police say an armedobber came into a gas station wearing a hot pink skirt with a matching jacket and hat. it happened to be in sacramento. he also wore high heels.
5:42 pm
heleaned out the register, then sed his skirt and sandals before running off. as reports of bed bug infestation continue to come in, som pest control company are turning to dogs to help track down the pests. this canine detection beagle can sniff out bed bugs in hotels, home andmall spaces where people just can't see them. the pest control company ss he has a 96 to 98% accuracy rate. he can search u to 100 room a day. working animal, nothing new. but villagers in southern thailand are using monkeys to help harvest coconuts. they taught the primates special skills using their hands and feet to twist coconuts off the trees. it become such a booming industry, there is even a monkey training college in one vilage. eight students are currently enrolled. still ahead on news4 at 5:00, paying your kids money when they get good grades.
5:43 pm
that plan could back fire. in sports, the nfl's instant replay got its start thanks in part when houston visited d.c. it is
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5:46 pm
welcome back. a few showers still out there for some of us. right now, most of us on the dry side. most of the rain around montgomery county and up toward frederick county in both maryland and virginia. both of those seeing some rain. up there in washington county. what are we going to see the rest of the evening? i think we'll see those showers move out of here. temperature tomorrow, we'll see the numbers on mputer. 85 in fredericksburg, to a high of about 83 degrees in washington. back at the 6:00 hour with more the forecast. >> thank you, doug. > parents and teachers give kids a lot of reasons to do well in school. the new program give them cash as an incentive, that's pretty good as well. so we used to think. >> last spring a harvard study found some d.c. middle schoolers perform better after being offered money for good grades. a new study found similar results in ohio but some educators are still questioning
5:47 pm
this tactic. >> i think is a great idea because i like money. >> i would get my ownmansion. and i will get a flat screen tv. >> reporter: the idea of money as a motivator seemed appealing to these students. the study itself was conducted in a or rural community in ohio. >> to the extent that every community has some unmotivated kids, there would be some applicable. >> reporter: the paid fo performance program worked like this. students in third through 6 sixth grade could earn from $13 to $100, depending on how well they did on state tests. the findings, math scores jumped quite a bit with students improving almost half a grade level. there were improvements in other subjects, but not statistically significant. >> it doesn't work over the long run. it will provide a short spike in achievent and then it will level back off. >> reporter: the school's principal who did research as incentive as a aduate student
5:48 pm
said to increase aievement long term, students must be motivated intrinsically. >> i don't need to get money to do good. >> i thinkhey should do well because they want to do well. like driving. >> reporter: yes, they are given stars and certificates but the principal said the reward tey use the support the intrinsic message, they can do it. >> i would really try to do my best. i guess i try get the test right. >> reporter: it goes to show you, money can't buy everything. >> sometme money doesn'thave to matter. sometimes -- >> that was rory dine reporting. the study of the pt gains program that paid students in d.c., chicago, dallas and new york that showed the mixed results. some tour guidesare suing the d.c. government over new regulations. the regulations required guides to take an exam on city landmarks, architecture and history to get a license.
5:49 pm
the owners of a segway tour group called segs in the city stay law infringes on their free speech right. lawyers stay government can't block people from talking about the city's history simply because they don't hole a license. rivers could be paying tolls on the local interstate. transportation officials are suggesting tolls between 10 cents to a dollar. no vote has been taken but some have come out against it. they say it is going to fleece northern virginians and finance their out of control spending. time for a little redskins rewind. dan joins us now. this has to do with houston. >> a replay. >> that was the genesis of that. >> it is. and it seemed like it was yesterday there s an instant replay.
5:50 pm
it was a little while ago. if you thought last week's fly had redskins officials thanking them, 25 yea ago the houston oilers visited washington and had three touchdowns called back because of penalties. it was the call that didn't have a penalty that had the most impact and the way game are called today. here's redskins recall. seember 15th, 1985. no replay saved the day. dave led a stifling skins defense that pressured the quarterback warren moon all day. four sacks in all for the burgundy and gold, igniting a 12-year veteran. >> i still get excited. that'shy i drink a milkshake before the game. it doesn't usually stay down. that's why i have a plastic bag on the side lines.
5:51 pm
i start to hyr convenient late because i chase people and i get excited. i start panting like a dog and get too much oxygen. >> reporter: the offense provided thrills as well. first series and he dials in calvin. it is a 17-yard touchdown. and a 7-0 lead. next possession, and george rogers breaks out. bouncing off blockers. his second carry of the day goes for 31 yards. a 13-0 lead. and a leap by joe gibbs. >> getting on the treadmill, losing weight, trying everything. we had a feeling. you see him pop that great run, i say, he off and running. this is going to be it for george. and i get excited about that. >> as excitedas i was, hey, i never experienced that. now i love it. >> i think he knew how good it was for you. >> i've been pressing and
5:52 pm
pressing. finally did it, man. that's the main thing. >> just before halftime, the offense sputters. >> look behin you. a loose ball kked around and finally recovered by houston. six plays later, and the oilers have six. a two-yard tossrom moon to drew hill. the skins led by three going into the fourth quarter. four minutes to play. oilers fall. third and goal from the 16. moon looking for hill again. the throw oh barry gets to hill. does he have both heat in? there's one. does he have two? does he have possession? the official say no catch. and this was just one season before instant replay started. >> i made the catch of the ball. i don't know what else you can do. just had a tough call against us. they estimate it would be a good team. i guess that's the way to call.
5:53 pm
>> it looked like he had both feat down. i was looking for the sign and it looked like he had it. evidently, the officials saw it better than i did. >> one last chance at double redemption. the former skin with the oilers from 33 yards out. and it is no good. the skins with ugly. 16-13. >> it has to hurt terribly against the redskins. >> not just against the redskins them would have hurt against any team. >> any time you have an opportunity like that to tryhe ball game and you don't, it hurts. >> love the attire in those piec. the first version of enassistant replay started the next season. coach were not allowed to challenge. only officials could request a review. that was definitely a touchdown catch. >> yeah. >> thank you, dan. diabetes testing? what else is new?
5:54 pm
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illegal drug use has reached its highest level in about a decade. >> some alarming statistics especially involving young people. >> reporter: a growing number of teens and young americans turn to illegal drugs last year. according to a government rept, the rate of use shot up nearly 9%. the highest in a decade. >> the increaes that we've seen for 12 to 17-yeaolds and 18 to 25-year-olds include increases in the use of marijuana, prescripti drugs, ecstasy and methamphetamine in different places. >> reporter: reports show nearly 35,000 people die each year of drug overdoses. >> that's actually greater in 17 states than from car crashes. it is greater nationwide than fromunshot wounds. so we really need to start
5:58 pm
paying attention to the drug problems in this country, particularly with our youth. >> reporter: a new generaon too young to remember the war on drugs campaign during the '80 and '90s. when first lady nancy reagan led the effort of the just say no program in school nationwide. >> just say no. >> reporter: fast forward to this decade. 14 states have legalized marijuana for medical useful change in attitudes health experts say may leave the wrong impression that recreational use of drug is not dangerous. >> we've seen when we ask questions abt youngpeople's perception of risk of drugs, that they don't see drugs as risky. >> reporter: this november, california could become the first state to legalize marijuana for personal use for adults 21 and older. health experts say no matter what states do, parents need to caution their cldren about the dangers of illegal drug use and keep prescription drugs out of reach. michelle franzen, news4. that's news4 at 5:00.
5:59 pm
news4 at 6:00 starts right now. the discovery channel hostages speak out for the first time about the horrifying stand-off. >> police have arrested a teenager for robbing people at gunpoint near the university of maryland. a driver tried to rob a woman while she was sitting in traffic. we begin with the murder suicide at one of the most respected hospital in the world. good evening. >> dorine gentzler is off tonight. it happened at johns hopkins medical complex in baltimore. a distraught son shot a doctor and his own mother before turning the gun on himself. we have team coverage as we learn more abouthe gunman who lived in this regio we begin with aaron gilchrist who is live in baltimore this evening. aaron? >>


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